Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Spa

Once you're in the city, you're near a lot of distractions that it's considered a luxury to just have the chance to shut the world out. There are times when I want the sheer silence of being alone and just relaxing. Not always, but sometimes.

I make myself feel better about the splurge by thinking about it this way: it's one of the ways to love yourself. To show yourself that you are worth that extra splurge once a month. It really is gratifying to be able to treat yourself for something that you experience rather than something you wear (though that's good too!).

It's a good thing my favorite spa is just a hundred peso cab ride away from home.
The Spa is probably the only place I can really let go of anything. It's pretty private so no worries about chatty spa goers or therapists. It has a jacuzzi, showers, sauna, and a whole lot of rooms to fit your taste and budget.
Plus: they have the best ginger tea! I can have up to 3 servings in one visit. I'm not shy in asking for more. Again it's a splurge, so I take advantage of all the "complimentary" stuff I can get! :)

Ground Floor, Greenbelt 1,
Paseo de Roxas, Makati City

So, how do you relax?


  1. I utterly agree! We really do underestimate the power of self-love. To be able to love yourself you need to listen to your body and soul and do things that are soothing and good for you. Only if you appreciate yourself, you will be able to love and appreciate others. This place looks so nice. It makes me feel like having a massage:)

    XXX from Vienna,


  2. Thanks, Mahshid! I agree with all that you said about self love. It's a constant struggle for many but it's something I always prioritize. Go have that massage today! :)


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