Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Slappy Cakes kicked our butts!

Slappy Cakes is the the food joint Fie and I always pass by but we never really wanted to try since we saw the menu outside and the prices are pretty steep for our taste.
The dishes are around 250-400 pesos (~$5) each and that's too much, isn't it?
One fateful afternoon, we were half-hungry and this is the only place we haven't tried yet. We always, always want to try something new. So inspite our initial hesitation, we went in.
Gustatory curiousness wins over stinginess.

Now for some history, they were owned by a family in Portland, Oregon--a place known for being a brunch town. Slappy Cakes combined people's two favorite pasttimes: eating brunch and DIY cooking. They now have locations in Maui, Japan and Singapore! We love breakfast food, so yey!

Fie had Slappy Moco, which is basically a burger patty with 2 sunny sideup eggs and white rice. Mine was the FRENCH TOAST. They were huge, I swear (hence, the capital letters hehehe).
When the waiter served it, we looked at each other and laughed. We were thinking "French toast for 250 pesos? This has to taste good." But no, it tasted good and the serving was for two people. Of course, I finished mine on my own. What was meant to be just a merienda became a huge meal for us. It was a tummy-filled day indeed :)

Second Floor, The Block, 
SM North EDSA, Quezon City

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