Monday, May 19, 2014

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery: sweet and pretty

Having little things to celebrate is the perfect reason to splurge on some sweetness.
Gratefulness is a virtue Alfie and I hold close to our hearts that every event, no matter grand or not so much, that makes us happy deserves a small festivity.
In this case, a trip to a very girly cupcake bakery. A place that Alfie willingly chose for us since I love small cakes and the place is just eye candy.

One cupcake each must be nothing out of the ordinary but our taste buds are just begging for some salt after this.
The cupcakes can  be more moist, the presentability compensates for the slightly dry cupcake. It's so photogenic that you'll just have to forgive.
The glasses they provided for water are those little ceramic cones.
I am a heavy water drinker so I had around a hundred pours from that little cup (it's too small to be considered a decent glass).

Inspite of those little bumps, it makes me smile seeing how huge the effort is for Vanilla Cupcake Bakery to make an ambience of girly-ness for this cupcake place.

From the colors to the prints, to the cohesive yet non uniform design, it is a haven for baby showers and the occasional PMS dates from boyfriends.

Second Floor Trinoma, North Ave corner Mindanao Ave
Sto Cristo, Quezon City

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  1. oh wow those cupcakes look beautiful! I bet they taste amazing. Confessions of A Mother Runner


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