Monday, May 12, 2014


Wandering around city, and other places close to it, is one of Alfie and my favorite pasttimes.

We discover much of the places around us, and about each other as well. What other way to know a person better than by being with him through crazy traffic, unruly commute crowds or sweltering heat. Those, by far, are the worse situations we've been through while wandering God knows where. We usually get lost and I love that.

The adventure starts at the moment when you have no idea which street to turn to or which way to go. The fun part is when you continue walking, by faith and intuition, then feeling like you're on the right way.. Merely having the mindset of "I'm almost there, should not give up."

There's really no need to go the distance if you want to experience something new. Travel need not to be of long, far flung places that no one has ever heard of. It can be just a jeepney ride away from your own home. It can be just several hours of immersing ourselves on our own country's culture and history. No need to spend too much. A good day is spending below a thousand pesos--for good food, commute, pasalubong and what not.

The gold is in the exhaustion, the bonding and the fulfillment of finally arriving where you want to be.

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