Saturday, May 17, 2014

Tired and hungry

This had been an exhausting Friday.

When I'm at a day wherein all I do seems to give me no motivation, I stop and scold myself for a bit.
I remind myself that whatever I think about is what I attract.
What I am is what I will be. It's simple logic, really.
Feeling happy just makes you even happier since all the good things in being happy just heightens the emotion.
In the same way, feeling bitter and sad just makes everything around me colorless and empty. Like I live in a world where nothing is recognized.
Nobody wants to be exposed to that. You just make yourself more bitter and sadder by being the epitome of such.

On this tiring almost-weekend, I felt bitter, confused and jaded.
We're allowed to feel that way sometimes.
I appreciate my humane tendency to feel unpleasant emotions since it makes being happy a whole lot more special. (Of course it's difficult to think this way when something bothers me, but it's a good thought to carry.)
I feel the emotions that I'd rather just throw away.

I'm slowly but steadily sinking into this pothole of negativity when something just tells me to wake up and smile.
That whatever confuses me will fix itself on its own right time and I really have no reason to dwell on it.
Yes, out of the blue, my own self decides to free my mind from chained doubts and questions.
I breathed in. And out. Then in. And out.
Just a continuous flow of breathe and the conscious desire to rise above how I feel.

Everyday will not always be a walk on a beach, in the same way that each day will not always be a struggle.
There are times when we just have to accept, and breathe.
Accept whatever we meet along the way, and just flow through your emotion.
On times when you cannot flow because a burden is too heavy, want to float beyond.
Have the desire to smile, to laugh, genuinely.

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