Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Intramuros: Walk and History

Fie and I went to Intramuros last week and it made me want to travel back in time! The structures are so beautiful that you want to preserve them, and maybe live in them someday.

Intramuros is one of the most historical places in Manila and it holds so much grandeur and glamour despite of wars, earthquakes and time. This was one strong (albeit unlucky) city! I've never been before so I was excited as Fie and I met up in Boni MRT station, rode it up to Taft avenue, crossed over to LRT then rode the other train to Carriedo LRT station. Whew. What a tiring commute! But it was all worth it, I swear. :)

After visiting Fort Santiago, we went around the other parts of the walled city. It was hot and we were sweaty but the buildings and the history behind them are fascinating. I'll shut up now and show you the photos!! And some fun facts just because I like you. :)

An old bank office that was technically about a kilometer away from Intramuros. It was beautiful so I took a photo anyway. You can see this outside the Carriedo LRT station. You can ride a jeepney to Pier in front of it.
Palacio del Gobernador
The jeepney to Pier will pass by this building, you won't miss it. It's on the left side, just beside Manila Cathedral.
Plaza Roma
Manila Cathedral
The Chinese Museum. You have to pay a hundred pesos to get in and photos were not allowed.
San Agustin Church. Known as the "wedding capital of the Philippines", the oldest stone church in the whole country.
A Japanese cannon
Soldier headquarters
The 12 Japanese cannons surrounding the fort.
A gallery of all the past presidents of the Philippines

So, where did your casual wanders bring you?

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  1. Yes I am so impressed when I saw it! I hope they make more of those now even if it seems out of style already :)


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