Monday, May 12, 2014

Jennica Wanders in Binondo: The Churches

My man's greatest discovery so far has made me very happy. He has discovered the existence of walking tours in Manila! :)

I LOVE to see places no matter how far from metro.
If I know we'll get something intangible from it, then I would definitely line that up for next week's date plan.
Good thing that Alfie has no second thoughts about my way of wandering, I can quickly sign him up for anything I want do.

We learned that there is a walking tour in Binondo, Manila.
It's the one place I have always wanted to visit even if it's not really known as a "relaxing" place.
It's a pretty normal town but with more emphasis on the Chinese culture.

Both of us will be visiting Binondo for the first time so of course, I browsed the net on how to commute going there.
This is one advantage to not owning a car.. You'll learn to use public transport and deal with practical things for a commute (directions, safety while walking, etc).

Walking tours are usually led by a tour guide but for people who prefer to be a bit more adventurous, like us, we opted to just have a list of landmarks to visit and find it for ourselves. 
We missed the history lesson that comes with the tour guide but there's something in discovering things alone that makes the tour more exciting and fulfilling.
We got lost, oh yes, but more on that later. :)

Church #1: Sta Cruz Church

Sta Cruz Church is the one nearest the train station that we dropped off from.
The place is in the middle of Manila so I know we have to be careful in bringing out cameras or phones for picture taking. 

The photos for this post were taken with quick flicks of my wrist and with more ninja moves than I knew I had!

Church #2: Binondo Church

This is probably one of the most beautiful churches I’ve ever been to!
We saw that they are renovating  it and I am impressed with that.
The Catholic church is all about tradition and teachings so it’s nice to see them catching up with the times. It’s important to maintain the aesthetics of the church both for safety and preservation of culture.

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