Monday, June 2, 2014

Cafe Breton

"You eat with your eyes."

That's what they always say. Though I think it doesn't only pertain to the presentation of the food itself but of the ambience of the place as well. Do you agree? A pretty interior is irresistible. No matter if it's a hot or rainy day, the decor will definitely turn heads. It definitely turned mine! :)

Cafe Breton has the creative mix of good dessert and a homey atmosphere. The kind of place that you can stay in for a couple of hours as you kill time. A chic-er version of Starbucks, I guess. It has this sense of spirit that's similar to Christmas morning, like a constant happy vibe. Fie and I were pulled like moths to a flame when we casually wandered by this food joint.

The desserts were a bit pricey and we had a pretty difficult time with choosing which one was worth the splurge. They have unique flavors for crepes but they're too expensive for our taste (price is at 220 pesos++ per dish).

We both decided to just get their Make-It-Yourself crepes. Each topping is reasonably priced and I think is a wiser choice for picky foodies like us. Fie and I both had crepe with choco hazelnut spread and ice cream. Fie got chocolate, mine's vanilla. That's around Php160 each. Plus decaf cappuccino (Php100) because we're cool like that. :)

A Little History: Breton is a native of Brittany (which is a part of France), where creperies are a favorite. Cafe Breton brings the authentic Brittany-style crepes all around the world. Similar to these guys!

She does the crepe with so much precision and experience. I love it.

Trinoma Mall, North Ave corner Mindanao Ave
Sto Cristo, Quezon City

So, what's your favorite dessert? :)

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