Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Boracay: Beating the Heat

Oh, Boracay.
Dad, Mom and my brother brought Alfie and I to Boracay for this summer.
I always thought that Boracay has gotten a bit overrated now that it's too commercialized but this trip showed me a part of the island where peace is actually attainable.
Least to say, I was very, very happy and chill :)

The plane ride and all the mid-commute in between were arranged by the hotel so we have nothing to worry about. Everything ran smoothly.

My favorite part (amongst a lot of favorite parts!) was the speedboat ride.
The wind on my hair, the salt water gently splashing on my face..
That was a good start for the weekend.

The heat was a bit too much for us so we chose to vicariously enjoy with this couple.
They spend so much time just snorkeling under the sun like that.
They were very beautiful (and quite burnt afterwards).

It is very, very hot in the Philippines. You'll easily get sunburnt, I warn you.
That's why most of our stay there was spent on the pool.

It's the hammock of nature.. Plus some bubbles.

You don't have to leave the room to appreciate the nature outside.
The silence was unfamiliar, all you can hear is yourself thinking.. Oh and sometimes, the birds. 

A lot of places to just lounge and relax..

We shopped for pasalubong to bring back for friends.. It served as my workout of the day.

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  1. This post just brings me back to so many tropical vacation memories. I LOVE the shot of you at the infinity pool. Shopping for gifts is the perfect workout! You know, we always do some kind of boating activity when on vacation and we love it. We used to have a family boat at a lake up here but recently sold it. We are hoping to rejoin an inexpensive sailing club in Orange County when we move back in a few months! Gorgeous photos!

  2. Thank you! I love being out there in nature after spending most of my days in front of a computer at work. I realized that it's my ultimate happy place, every morning there was just perfect! :) I've never experienced any boating activity, besides the quick speedboat trip from the main island to Boracay itself. That idea of rejoining a sailing club will be so worth it! You'll have so much fun! :)

  3. Oh wow Jennica it sounds like you had the most amazing time in Boracay. What awesome photographs too, it's making me crave a holiday! Gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory

  4. We did! Thank you! It was an incredible vacation that I look forward to every year :)

  5. You should add Boracay to your bucket list! The part of the island I stayed in was peaceful compared to the other part. If you're into partying and crowds, the other side is for you! :)


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