Friday, May 16, 2014

Home Style: Cafe Mary Grace

One of the signs of a good restaurant is how they can make you feel at home.
From the home cooked meals to the cozy interior, Cafe Mary Grace ticks of all the boxes for a feel-good place for get togethers and a never disappointing menu.

I just recovered from being sick when Alfie and I walked inside SM North EDSA.
I was craving for flavorful food after a week of healthy hospital meals being served to me day in and day out.
As surprising as it may seem, both of us never had the chance to eat in Cafe Mary Grace ever.
Thinking that this probably is the chance to add one more to our list of little adventures.
The thing about us: we don't like sitting in front of each other, like most couples I know.
We want to always sit beside each other on a four-seater table, which some crowded food joints aren't too happy about since we're robbing them off a good table.
It's a good thing that Cafe Mary Grace has round tables so we can sit comfortably close and kwento all we want without the neighboring table hearing us.
We're not huge eaters so we usually pick just one dish each then share.
Since I haven't fully recovered when we visited, I opted for a salad as my main dish.
The Fried Kesong Puti and Calamansi Vinaigrette is the perfect choice, apparently.
Alfie has the Pasta Ametriciana with Italian Meatballs.
The meatballs were bigger than what was in the menu pictures so that's a plus.
He added chili flakes as he ate for a little kick, you might want to try that as well. ;)
We decided to try their famous cheese rolls.
I photographed the desserts this way to show you their size in comparison to the platito (small plate) they were served on.
The cheese roll has generously added cheese inside, every bite is heavenly.
But the size is just too small to really indulge in. I hope they make bigger servings of this
The tiramisu is very tempting in the menu photos so we had to try that one as well.
I liked that it has no crunch to it, it's creamy and it melts inside the mouth.
The coffee powder on top adds a bitter flavor that complements well with the creamy sweetness of the layers.
We even went for our second visit after a month or so and ordered the same dishes except for the salad. My appetite is back so I opted for a pasta dish.
The Spanish Sardines and Olives Pasta is a winner for me.

Second Floor, Main Building
SM City North EDSA, Quezon City

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