Monday, May 12, 2014

Jennica wanders in Binondo: What to eat!

Eating after half a walking tour: best feeling in the world.

Alfie and I seemed like we haven't eaten for days as we go through our walking tour in Binondo.
It was a good hundred degrees outside, sweat dripping down our clothes, our feet tired from getting lost, our hearts fulfilled because we found the churches we wanted to visit inspite getting lost, our tummies rallying against us for making them wait this long.

Sincerity Cafe and Restaurant gave us a pretty hard time in finding it.
We were slowly going through Yuchengco Street where I researched was its location.
I'm already doubting my sense of direction (something I am very proud of but sometimes fails me miserably) when we were nearing the end of the street.
We almost gave up when BOOM! It's there! We didn't expect that it's a hole in the wall restaurant! Alfie and I were so relieved! :)

We immediately ordered their bestsellers: Sincerity fried chicken (150 pesos/$3.8) and two small cups of Sincerity fried rice (40 pesos/$1) , and two iced teas.
The fried chicken seemed a bit ordinary at first and Alfie says that he can cook a better tasting chicken--but it has a distinct taste to it.
Maybe less oily than what I was used to.
The winner for us is the fried rice. It's a whole dish in itself!
The pork with egg and lemongrass all mixed in a cup of fried rice is just perfection.

For dessert, we went to Cafe Mezzanine.
This can be seen as you walk to Binondo Church, which is just a continuous walk forward from Sta Cruz.
But let me warn you right now, it is a long walk.
Wear something you're comfortable in. I wore shorts and a shirt.
It's not proper attire for the church but I have my scarf that doubles as a wrap around skirt to take care of that.

We had halo-halo for dessert.
Nothing special here. It's that or I'm just not a fan of halo-halo. It's simply a mixture of beans, banana, langka, some more beans, gulaman, sweet potato, ice cream, and crushed ice.
I usually just eat the banana, gulaman and ice cream.
Alfie wasn't a fan as well.

Cafe Mezzanine is an open restaurant and is slightly bigger than Sincerity.
I just discovered my love for panoramas so you'll be seeing more of that in future posts! :)

This was our last stop since it was getting a bit late for us and we had to commute back home.
We bought home hopia, a bean filled pastry, for our parents--yes, as if we just went out of town. :)

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  1. I know you say the halo halo is not that great but I WANT ONE! It looks so interesting and I've never heard of some of the ingredients! The moon cakes look yummy too!

  2. Haha! Halo-halo (direct translation is "mix-mix") is a favorite dessert on summer here in the Philippines! I think the best combination I had for a halo-halo is crushed ice, sweet banana, tapioca and ice cream. It's perfect for hot summer days :)


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