Saturday, August 30, 2014

Treat Yourself Saturday

I bought a new book! I seldom buy paperbacks since I cannot carry them in my bag anywhere. This one though.. This deserves to be given some love and time! I'm dedicating my weekend to the Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan for the following reasons: (a) I'm Asian, (b) It's hilarious. Kwan slips in a lot of cultural tid bits in the book and I love learning about those. If paired with a naturally funny flow of writing, it's irresistable. How's your weekend so far?
  • Maginhawa Food Street has been gearing up some noise since a few years back because of the array of food choices being offered in the town. They have a food joint in almost every other house! Even the cuisine offerings and interior decor are unique from one place to another. You can check out this map for Magingawa Food Street and check off all that you've visited.
  • I've visited one of Maginhawa's premiere breakfast places, Ally's All-day Breakfast.
  • Speaking of breakfast, there's a new study about coffee being taken an hour or two after waking up, especially if you're waking up within the 6am to 8am window. That window is when your body naturally generates cortisol, your own personal caffeine. So if you drank coffee at the same time that your body's generating cortisol, your body becomes used to the caffeine from the coffee and will immunize you to its effects. The best time to have that cup of joe is late morning, around 9-11am and in the afternoon, 1:30-5pm.
  • Having some crazy schedule lately, I need to have a go on these tricks to boost willpower.
  • I try and always find time for blogging and reading. I want to have some outlet to give room for my own creativity to flourish. I don't naturally get the chance to do it at my day job so I have to force it in little bits throughout the day or on weekends. Are you in the same rut? While on a work meeting, try doodling. It will give you that boost you need while also being present at work.


  1. Oooh I'd never heard of the caffeine thing. I love my tea with breakfast a bit too much to wait a couple hours though. Fulfilling English stereotypes, whoop whoop!

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  2. Hi Eleanor! I love that name :)
    Yeah me too. I'll try that but I need my tea right after waking up. It's like a kick from inside! :)

  3. Ohh that book, ive been dying to read it!

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