Friday, June 6, 2014

Ally's All Day Breakfast

Good morning!

Breakfast is one of the best things on earth. It sets the mood for the next hours that you're awake and it's basically the READY, GET SET, GO! for your day. If I can have breakfast for dinner, then I will. And I did (just for a day, but still).

Of course I was with Fie for this. It's my first time in Maginhawa Eat Street and I have been raving about visiting this all-day breakfast food place for a few weeks now. Personal and work commitments get in the way of good food (hate it when that happens) so when we finally had the chance to visit, I cannot be happier.

We went to Maginhawa from Trinoma Mall via taxi. Fie asked the driver to use the V. Luna extension route. As I expected, it's quite easy to spot the different streets. After V. Luna, we turned left for Maginhawa and I welcomed myself to the array of food joints along the street. There are a lot! Ally's All-Day Breakfast is in Malingap Street so we turned another left for that. For the other food places, just continue driving straight.

Yey to Ally's All-Day Breakfast! :)

The place is pretty small, it looks like a part of the owner's home. But seeing how they organize everything (especially when there was an inflow of around 10 customers at once), they are maximizing what space they have for the guests. It was a good idea to come around dinner time since I think the merienda crowd already left.

Photos were a bit yellow-ish because of the lighting inside. It was late afternoon to night time when we visited, thus the strong yellow background :)

The service was quick and efficient! I love it, really. There are certain things you expect less from food joints that were built on a residential areas but in Ally's, the service is perfectly nice and fast.

Garden Fresh Omelette (120 pesos)
The Garden Fresh omelette was generously slathered with butter (I think) and mayo (which I slowly removed). The mayo was not needed for me since the egg was cooked just fine. They are soft and not salty. Inside were mushrooms and tomatoes.

The smoked bangus meal is a winner. Fie liked it (a huge compliment since he's a picky eater) and would gladly recommend it to everyone, like what I'm doing now :) It was perfectly cooked and the generous serving of the whole fish plus 2 eggs is a plus.

Smoked Bangus Meal (180 pesos)
Blueberries and Cream Pancakes (220 pesos)
The blueberries and cream pancakes is something very much unexpected. It was huge! Three layers of fat, scrumptious pancakes with a lot of blueberries and cream on top. This is good for 3 persons. So needless to say, we weren't able to finish the whole thing. :(

The morning after this, I was telling my mom and brother about this place. I was really happy with the service and food we got. I recommend this to everyone! :)


  1. Yum!! How comes I feel hungry. I've just had my breakfast. Love the I <3 Breakfast wall deco. I really do love breakfast :)))) lots of kisses,

    Mahshid مهشید

  2. Haha! I love how they designed the place. The area is only as big as a living room but it's really maximized. I saw your IG post about chia seeds in almond milk. Will try that soon! :)


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