Thursday, August 28, 2014

Move it, move it

I crave for experiences. There's always a desire to try and look for something I want to delve into, an activity to discover more of myself + have some fun. Having a 9-5 job* limits my options but if there's a will, there's a way!

I have the same aspiration for workouts. There's a new age for being active nowadays. Back then, it was just running + gym. Now there are Barre3, Jukari Fit to Flex, TRX (Total Resistance Exercise), pole dancing, Bollywood dance class + a lot more! I started being active around 6 years ago** and I've tried Barre3Bikram yoga, various types of yoga and the normal gym equipments. It was a pretty long fitness journey for me but it was all worth it.  Let me list the reasons why you should do the same thing:

(1) You will learn the fundamentals--which is really what we all have to have to serve as foundation for whatever exercise we want to try out. Doing yoga and pilates gave me body awareness. It taught me the basics of each pose, which is normally the starting position of other exercises.

(2) You'll figure out what you love doing. Fitness is a lifestyle, not a destination. If you reached your goal weight, it doesn't stop there. Consistency is key to maintain your health, or else you'll just be back to square one--nobody likes that. That's why you should do what you enjoy. Sweat on doing something that makes you smile, an activity that won't make you drag your butt out of bed, an exercise that excites you. Try a new workout for 1-2 weeks. You might hate it at first as it's too hard and your body's adjusting. But after quite some time, you'll be strong enough to decide.

(3) You'll gain new friends. Studios and gyms usually engage new members. They really talk to you about your goals, the FAQs of the exercise (this is SOP for Bikram first-timers), and ask how your first time was after the class. Studios also have seasonal parties and you might get invited into those too!

* Or more realistically, 10-9. Whatever time I finish what I had to do for the day.
** I have only realized how many years have passed since I started college.


  1. This is a great post! I've been needing a little motivation to start a new workout. Lifting the wine glass up doesn't count right? - Rach

  2. Haha! That is a true struggle! That's why I recommend doing exercise right after waking up. When your brain is too sleepy to think about what you're doing :)

    I always consider the walk from the bakery to my house as warm up. Of course, I buy cupcakes from the bakery as a reward when I workout! :)


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