Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Quick morning eats


Cold water and coffee is enough of a pick-me-upper for weekday mornings, but the possibility of having a real, delicious breakfast is something I really look forward to. Just thinking of it makes me happy! Oh, the smell of freshly baked pandesal bread with creamy peanut butter, partnered with newly ground coffee.. Aahh good stuff.

I usually make something to eat before leaving for work though. Just to give me the energy I need post-workout and pre-pollution (due to jeepneys I commute in). Nothing fancy since I'm running here and there for my clothes and stuff (read: changing up to 2 different outfits depending on my mood). Workday mornings are hectic. Thank God, I don't get that hungry after a workout so a simple flourless banana pancake or buttered toast will fill me up. Or if I run out of ideas.. I turn to eggs. :)

Eggs are man's best friend, at least for me. You can literally have an egg a day without repeating the way of cooking for a week. I gathered a few links here and there that will help you (and me, both) to learn proper ways of cooking eggs that will about a yummier version of what you normally come up with. You will not have to go out to a breakfast resto and order overpriced eggs ever again!

Which one's your favorite?

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