Monday, August 18, 2014

How to make mornings a little less dreadful

I adore mornings. The heat, the smell of a new start (it's a little earthy but sweet for me) is always refreshingly nice. No matter how miserable the day before was, the fact that there's another day to move on, to let go, to accept things is more than enough.

Luckily, waking up in the morning is usually an easy task for me. I put myself on a schedule everyday so I know pretty much what to expect. Even if my job has flexible time in (I believe hehe), I try to go to work a bit later than when I should come in but before the everyday buzz starts. I have a lot of friends who are night owls so they miss mornings most of the time. If you're one of them, I might have a few things you can try to make mornings a little less dreadful.

1. Say "thank you".
My first thought, literally, is a simple thanks that I'm here and I am loved and I have reasons to be happy. It's all sappy and mushy but it does help to give a boost to your day even when you're so sleepy still. Thinking about stuff I'm grateful for pushes my brain out of the sleep zone and way into the it's-time-to-wake-up zone.

2. Drink tea.
I used to only drink coffee (preferrably the kind made by my dad) but I find that it just gives me a little jolt and it's too sweet. Now, I have tea on mornings then coffee as part of my merienda. I drink Tiny Tea right after I wake up or during my workout. I can feel the energy on my veins. It wakes me right up. Thank God for tea.

3. Talk to yourself.
My bed turns softer and colder when it's time to wake up. I want to delve into the insides of my bed sheets, stay there and wake up when I'm starting to have headaches (I have those when I oversleep). One thing I tell myself is "It's Monday and you have to start early to end early. Wake up! Wake up!" or if it's almost the weekend, "It's Thursday! Just one more day of this and you can sleep in!" I think about this rather than actually saying it. I'm too sleepy to open my mouth. But still.. Talk to yourself, it's safe and it works.

4. Open your windows to let sunlight bathe your sheets.
Sunlight on mornings are lovely. It's not painful and not too hot, it's perfectly warm. Enough to make you exhale and smile. Also, sunlight signals your body to wake up. I'm sure there's a scientific explanation about that.

5. Move.
Make a habit of doing your exercise on the mornings so you have it checked out of your to-do list as early as you can. Don't think, just do! You can find ways to make AM your exercise sched here. And maybe here too.

6. Drag your eyes to see outside the window, take all of the wonder in.
Even if it's just your neighbor next door. Or the traffic from the streets. Or maybe just your backyard. Look out.


  1. I am an early bird too :) …. great tips though <3


    Mahshid مهشید

  2. great morning tips! Overall, I try to follow more or less the same guidelines, apart from the coffee part... If I dont drink an espresso in the morning I find it hard to get up from the bed

  3. I always wake with headaches, and if I wake a little early knowing I'll get those extra 10 minutes before my alarm with a side of headache that alone will keep me up. And sunlight and turning the TV on is a trick I use to get my husband moving!


  4. Hahaha! Sunlight is the best alarm for me. Something about the heat just tells me to get up! That's sad about the headaches though. Have you tried checking out why you have those? :(


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