Monday, August 25, 2014

Fears of a first time night shift-er

Okay, I'll just let it out.

I'm scheduled for night shift. Starting tomorrow.

I was forewarned a couple of weeks ago that this will happen so I was expecting it. But now that's it's finally, officially here, I am dreading it. I feel unprepared in spite the nights of talking myself into this new schedule.

Feeling a little embarrassed about being so nervous about it, I haven't really talked to anyone about my feelings until yesterday morning when I received the text that my new schedule is from 6pm to 5am. I am hoping this change will only last for a couple of weeks. I'm a morning person and this just saddens me. My boyfriend has been supportive and he's disappointed (which gives me relief) that we won't be seeing much of each other on a daily basis anymore.

It makes me feel better to write about this. To let things out this way. Well, what am I worried about?

Well, just two things really:

1. First and most importantly--the very horrible, weight gain. I workout consistently first thing after waking up and this routine has ruled over my mornings for around a year now (previous years were spent on studios and gyms after work). I want to adjust my body clock to a new schedule before actually allotting a time for being active. Also, I have seen a lot of friends gaining a few pounds on night shift. They're ok with it and that's nice. But I'm not. :(

2. Food schedule. I have read articles saying that there's constant hunger throughout the night. I'm an eating machine during normal days... What will happen to me if I feel CONSTANT HUNGER during the night. To counter possible relapses, I am planning to be more disciplined and to bring a panini sandwich (I even bought a panini maker just this morning) to work. This will lessen the chances of me giving McDonald's a quick visit on 2am in the morning.

Wish me luck! :)


  1. Oh man - I can't imagine working that shift!! Hopefully it is temporary or that you have an easy transition. Best of luck!


  2. Being a morning person, it's just so weird for me! Thank you for wishing me luck! :)


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