Friday, August 22, 2014

No hustling

Team building 2014 is now officially a few weeks away! It has been quite some time since the last outdoor activity with my workmates so I'm excited. So how do you usually prepare for these things? It's like a milder form of camping but a wilder form of group games. It usually involves some obstacle/relay race, a balance test that I'm really nervous about, tons of nature excursion, and to add to the "wilderness" theme, a man-made lake. Let's get ready!

1. Know the details.

This may seem like the simplest, duh tip but I find it the one thing that people often skip. You know they did when they ask "what time should we meet up?", "what activities will we have?", "do I have to bring swimwear?"... the list of inquiries goes on and on.
You can either:

 --> Check out the brochure or invite. You know, the email that informed you about having the team building in the first place. Yes, that one. Now, go and click.
 --> Visit the website of the venue. Most team building places have their own list of what-to-brings and reminders. Those will surely help you.

2. Be healthy.

For desk workers who spend 90% of their office work sitting down, it is an unexpected surprise to go through the physical requirements of team building without any warm up or practice. Beyond being healthy, try and train yourself to sweat out a couple of weeks before the day. It will not only give you the seemingly unattainable glow but it will also help you be stronger in enduring whatever games the facilitators think of.

3. Be open.

Don't let fear get in the way. No team building venue is untested in terms of their safety guidelines. I'm sure they check their materials every time a new crew visits. They won't want any accidents to happen since it'll be bad for business.

I'm scared of heights and deep (+ dirty) water. Those two are staples of TB activities. I just kind of suck it up and do them the last time. What's the worst thing that could happen if you fall? Yeah, your team might lose a point or two but everything is for clean fun. If you fall into the dirty lake, shower right after the activity. If you got winded within seconds of the obstacle relay, don't think too much about, your boss might struggle even more than you did.

This is easier said than done, I understand. Think about it for now. Are you really throwing away the one chance you can cross a man-made lake using just two ropes (one for the feet and another for the hands to hold on to) or a a skinny log?

4. Bring what you need + a little bit more.

The TB venue provides a list of things to bring. Those are essential, yes, but it's also important to think ahead. Instead of just using the list you printed off from the net, use your daily routine as a guide for packing/listing what you need. A few guide questions/phrases to help you:

 --> If you have sensitive skin (like myself), what's your morning and evening face routine? Make sure to have a complete list of the toner, moisturizer, sun block and lotion.
--> The venue advises two sets of outfits for changing. Bring essential pieces to create three to four outfits + 1 swimsuit + 1 activity outfit (read: clothes you can throw away) + appropriate footwear. Always extend another mile for things like clothes. You'll feel so much better if you're wearing new stuff after the tiring activities.
 --> I encourage the use of aqua shoes especially to those with sensitive skin on the feet. You will never know what's on the ground. Don't wait for mother earth to surprise you (read: splinters, sharp rocks)
 --> These are just a few stuff. More on this soon :)

5. Smile and enjoy.

The activities are always done on groups and it might stir some competition within the subsets of the team. Once you keep in mind that in the end, you're just one team. Then the competition will melt away, leaving a stronger team on its wake. Give it a chance.

How do you prepare for out of town trips?

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