Monday, August 11, 2014

Moshi Koshi ramen loving

Good morning!

Today is a happy day as I will be sharing one of my ultimate comfort meals! :)

I've had a lot of instant ramen in my life--from killing off those late night blues to nursing the rainy day with a bowl of hot noodle goodness.

Moshi Koshi is a good place for a quick ramen fix. You order and within a few minutes (their words, not mine), it will be served. A few minutes initially scared me. Fie and I were waiting for a movie sched so we had this meal planned to just be 30 minutes tops.

Why I liked?

1. The menu is as clear as can be. It has the fewer choices than what I was used to but nevertheless, we relished the simplicity.

2. The ramen and gyoza were served within 10 minutes--yey! :) Needless to say, it has exceeded our expectations with regards to serving time.

3. The place was spick and span. It is minimalistic and shows that they are a good ramen fast food place.

4. The manager is friendly and accommodating. This is something I admire and I rarely encounter in international food joints.

5. The best ramen I had so far! :)

What I think needs to be "more"?

1. The serving size for the big bowl is good enough for 1 hungry person and 2 merienda-eating people (hence, us). If we would have eaten this when we're hungry, it would not have been enough. Or maybe I was just expecting too much.....

2. A bigger variety on beverages. I noticed they have the normal sodas and popular bottled iced teas. It would be more fun to have their own milk tea or home-made iced tea! Just thinking aloud here. ;)

Visit their newest branch in LG Flr of the Annex bldg in SM North EDSA.

"When you had a bad day, a really BAD day, try and treat the world better than it treated you."
- Patrick Strump

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