Monday, August 25, 2014

A second look at clipboards


Here on Wild for White, we're all for simple but chic sophistication. No need for expensive, over the top pieces. A clean slate and some pop of color will be more than enough to bring out style and personality without being too much for the eye.

The home office desk above is a vignette of useful office stuff mixed together with aspirational clipped photos. I love the idea of placing clipboards on the wall while the picture frames landed on the table. The interchanging of where stuff should be gives the look an exciting twist.

Aside from the witty use of clipboards and the presence of the mannequin, there is also a room for organization. You won't have to dump all of your stuff above the desk since it has little cabinets on the sides. I figured that the desk can easily be found on thrift stores as the design is simple but do-able with just a can of white paint.

For more of these aspirational work desks, head over to Naturally Jes. Just by looking at this "Inspire" post, I know we can be pals! :)

How do you add inspiration to your work desks? What do you want to add to this vignette to make it your own?


  1. In love with that desk. I need something like that in my life.

    Thanks for the mention, I'm glad I could inspire you. And surely we can be! :)

  2. You have beautiful photos and I'm inspired to take more (by taking a tour around my own city, for example) :)

  3. I definitely encourage you to do that!

    It's so self-medicating.

  4. It feels nice to post it in IG or FB then friends ask me how to commute there or something. I can't believe it at first, we're all tourists in our own city! :)


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