Tuesday, July 1, 2014

message in a bottle: spring cleaning

Feels so good to finally be in the mood to do some spring cleaning even if:
1. It's not spring.
2. It's just for my shoe closet.

I am no shoe lover, but I buy new ones when an occasion arises and I just have to find that perfect pair for the perfect dress. I don't settle for what I already have (read: sneakers, flipflops, simple flats). When I know it's a "heels only" event, I will adhere.

I bought a cute pair by Carmen Saiz from CMG today. Nothing fancy, just a pair of wedge shoes that I coveted because of Pinterest. I wore it right after paying for it. Dad was with me and he suggested for me to just donate my old sandals. I initially hesitated since I wanted to just throw it away, but after quite some time, I realized that Dad had a point.

I was packing my shoes away when I got home and it struck me that it doesn't have to only be one pair. I went through all my shoe boxes under my bed and nodded to myself. Maybe I didn't have to simply discard every pair that I don't wear anymore. Mind you, most of my shoes were worn only once or twice. It's suitable to give away.

It was a satisfying feeling to remove the old and make room for new stuff. This does not only work for shoes, or clothes, or accessories.. It's very much applicable to emotions as well.

We only have one life to live and it's better not to live it in the past--with the same old people who doesn't make us better, the same feeling of being stuck, the same situation of settling.

To let go of the past is to embrace the present and welcome the future. The past drags us and slows us down. Like all the shoes I had which were all packed away in this little storage area. It's fills up a space that can be freed. A space that can contain a lot of wonderful things that we can only imagine.. Unless we act.

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