Wednesday, July 16, 2014

message in a bottle: the best attitude


Let's talk about gratitude.

I woke up the other day feeling sluggish and I just cannot drag my butt out of bed. My mind is spinning from the long list of to-do's I have to check before the day ends. Imagine thinking about a day ending even before I got out of bed! The first 10 minutes of welcoming a new day already exhausted me. I used all my willpower to rise, drink a glass of water, sweep the floor, roll out my yoga mat and just work out. I promised myself that I'll feel better after I sweat all my apprehensions out.

Every time I finish a workout session, I take some time to just sit still. Dripping sweat, shoe-less and feeling light since my body just undergone something it needs. I feel the endorphins rushing in and I visualize sharing the good vibes with everyone I know, those that I love and even those that I am annoyed at (we all have that list! Hehehe!).

On my way to work, I began noticing how different I see things.. I appreciate:
             (a) The elevator waiting on the 5th floor of our building. Like it knew that I'm going down for work. I whispered thank you to the last person who pressed the elevator button for this floor.
             (b) The funny pedicab driver that seems to be friends with everyone we pass by. For non-Pinoy readers, a pedicab is a small, pedal-operated vehicle. I ride a pedicab and a jeepney for work everyday. They're incredibly humbling and fun. I thought thank you for light hearted public transportation drivers whose attitude on life is contagious.
             (c) The cool breeze that greets me as I walk by to get some breakfast for Alfie and I. I whispered thank you for the little gift inspite of the heat.
             (d) The easy feeling I had as I read through my emails of the day. I whispered thank you for giving me a break today.

Those are incredibly shallow stuff, I know, but the joy it gave me as I continue my initially weary day was just fascinating. It made me realize just how easy happiness can be created. The gratitude I felt in every trivial thing (which a pessimistic person might find annoying and pointless) carried me through the day.

There can be so much light and love you can create and share when you're thankful for what life brings you. It's a constant positive cycle that's on your control. Look. See that this life is more than what you imagined it to be, even more than you wanted it to be. Treat each obstacle as a challenge, a practice session, a time for contemplation. There are a lot of beautiful things that are left unnoticed. The gift is here, all you have to do is to merely acknowledge its presence. Feel thankful. Express your gratitude by sharing it. Smile. Continue the cycle of positivity. Be happy. Most importantly, be kind.

“Gratitude turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” 
― Melody Beattie

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