Thursday, July 10, 2014

cafe on the 6th at ascott hote, makati

Again and again, Dad has been a consistent role model and positive beacon in my life. He has taught me a lot that I know and he gave me this cool, reserved demeanor, something I only share with him. :)

Last Fathers' day, we headed out to have lunch somewhere new. We had no idea where at first since this is a special day yet not as remarkable as birthdays so we want to splurge just the right amount. I love dining in hotel restaurants/cafes. It's a chance to check out their amenities and have an idea in mind for a staycation or a celebration venue. Seeing different nationalities being catered to in hotel cafes are nice too. It makes me feel one with the world even if it's just eating in the same place as people who look different from me.

So in we went inside Ascott Hotel in Makati. It's fused with Glorietta so it's real easy to get to. The doorman is always a huge guy with an adorable guard dog--I am not sure what breed but it's a black and big thing that looks so calm and nice, or maybe a little bored.

Of course, Cafe on the 6th is on the 6th floor. The hotel is, as expected, a good venue to have some privacy. I barely saw any guests, actually. They're mostly in the pool area rather than lounging elsewhere. The design is a bit oldish so it's not something I rave about, but it's nice enough. The staff are friendly though, they ushered as in. They immediately set up a table for us, gave us warm, freshly baked bread and left us happily munching on those. We even asked for seconds! :)

Okay.. Documenting where we eat is a job. I usually stop them from messing up their food just so I could take a picture and show it to you guys. See how much I love you?! Hahaha. I don't look at the menu too much for the prices as I expected to find a decent menu online. But.. There seems to be none since the place is more known for its breakfast buffet (courtesy of bloggers who stay overnight in the hotel). So I will be improvising on the names of the food and maybe my little blog will somehow be seen by their manager so they'll upload their menu or something. Hehehe. Enjoy! :)

Shrimp pesto--creamy and has a generous serving of shrimp.
Fries with absolutely everything on it--not a fan of this. The fries were dry.. I prefer my fry dripping with cheese and bacon. I think this was overcooked.

For the diner that cannot decide what to order -- I think this is called "Anything Goes" or "Can't Decide", something witty but true ;) 
The best: four cheese pizza. I can marry cheese and this one has four! Heaven on a very hot plate.

"He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it."
- Clarence Budington Kelland

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