Friday, July 18, 2014

Teatox with Tiny Tea of "YourTea"

There are days when being a natural morning person isn’t enough. I know everyone has their own way of kicking off their day. It's usually a workout and a caffeine fix--like me. I only open my inbox at work when I already have my cup of coffee or tea with me. The tension/pressure/stress I expect from my emails is melted off by every sip! The heat just massages me from the inside. 

I’m no black-coffee drinker, I think that’s too boring. I tried it a couple of times before and my heart beat just went through the roof! The palpitations I had made me swear off that kind of “healthy” coffee forever.

Chill, moderate energy is more than enough for me. Thus, the choice for a creamy cup of coffee. The sad thing about this is it makes me feel bloated afterwards. I think it’s all the cream I add. :( Given that, I went through Instagram for possible options on how to perk up my day.. Hopefully, my experience with this tea will help you achieve what you want + more unexpected results. I'll get to the latter in a while :)

I met “YourTea” in Instagram and I stalked them in Pinterest and their blog. It was an exciting discovery for me! I read more about the brand and here goes: It’s an international brand of tea that has tons of benefits, more than what a normal blend will have. The people behind YourTea are like us—tea drinkers. They have been creating tea combinations that will balance taste + benefits (the latter I was talking about earlier).

I want you to meet someone--
Natalie Kringoudis is an ambassador of YourTea. She is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Natural Fertility Educator and Author. As a way to support wellness, she has developed a unique style to treating health and well-being with Traditional Chinese Medicine. She helps YourTea provide its drinkers education on diet and lifestyle to maximise the benefits of the tea blend.

I’m really only after the energy boost but if it eases my bloated tummy, then give it to me! I experienced how good it was for me so I am writing about it, sharing the wonder, and willing you to try it out :)

Here’s a list of their tea blends and the benefits they give you:

—> TINY TEA (reduces bloating, removes toxins, improves energy levels, and nudges away any surplus weight)
—> EVERYDAY TEA (boosts immunity, regulates mood, aids digestion and allows the skin to have the healthy glow we all crave)
—> ANTIOXIDANT TEA (the antioxidants assists with anti-ageing, fights free-radicals, and detoxifies the body)
—> BREAST FRIEND TEA (nourishes the liver and activates the kidneys to support the body in producing a healthy supply of strong, nutrient loaded breast milk)
—> SKIN MAGIC TEA (nourishes and cleanses the system so that the body won’t have to push out toxins and waste through the skin; nourishes the blood to better assist the removal of internal toxins)
—> MAN TEA (nourishes the organs, promotes muscle growth, and increases strength; combats the signs of bloating and fluid retention to achieve a greater muscular definition)
—> FERTILITY TEA (supports the hormones, benefits ovulation, and regulates the woman’s cycle to maximize fertility and conception potential)
—> ANTI-C TEA (assists in cleansing the kidneys and liver to help the body lift stagnant dampness and phlegm)

YourTea offers a 14-day and 28-day teatox program that won’t leave you starving. I purchased their 28-day teatox box of Tiny Tea wherein it’s recommended to have a cup of tea twice a day, 20-30 mins before/after a meal. It is easier for me to drink it after a meal since planning to drink before a meal isn't always a success. I don't know what time I'll really get to eat, being busy with work and personal errands.

By the way, I bought my box from TeatoxPH, a distributor of YourTea in the Philippines. 
       *They’re really professional and makes the transactions easier for buyers. If you choose to try this out, contact them! :)

Trust me when I say this:
You won't starve. Drinking this won't be a hassle. You can retain how you eat, just add the tea on your daily food intake. It will make you feel full since it’s warm water. Every time I have a cup, I feel like it’s melting (or maybe “digesting” is a better term, but really, who feels “digesting”?) the food I just had. In a good way. I feel a bit lighter after!

Mom noticed how clear my skin was days after starting the teatox. She, of all people, doesn’t sugarcoat stuff about me. If she says something nice, she means it! I haven’t changed anything in my lifestyle, no facials, no special juices or whatnot. Just the teatox and my usual morning exercise. So plus points to YourTea! :)

A significant thing I noticed after taking the tea for 2-3 weeks was whenever I have an unhealthy meal (fast food junk, instant noodles—both I love but both are so bad for me), drinking the tea makes me wish that I took more time in choosing a better meal. The tea taught my body what it needs, what it should love, what it should flush out ASAP. It teaches me to be more self-aware, to give more time in deciding what’s best for me, giving my body what it needs and, at the same time, satisfies my cravings.

YourTea Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || Pinterest
TeatoxPH Instagram (Manila distributor)

"If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try."

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