Saturday, June 28, 2014

mind wanders || how you can catch stress

It's Friday and I'm at home, spending the night blogging, reading and simply enjoying the quiet.
This is something valuable to me since I always have people around me at work. I like them but being a natural introvert, I enjoy solitude.

If you've read through my 2-months worth of blog posts, you would have guessed that I love reading. It does wonders for me. Educating myself and sharing whatever tidbit I learned is a constant goal that delights me. So I want to share it in my little part of the web. :)


Stress is a huge issue for me. I experience it constantly and I try to find ways to learn more about it so I deal with it more effectively. This article from Huffington Post, opened my eyes to a whole new perspective on stress.

Maybe I'm not just reading wide enough but I've always thought that stress is self-controlled. That's it is within us and that if we're strong and vigilant enough, we can be clean of it. But then after reading the article, it made me rethink what I believe in.

According to the article, empathy is a factor. It's about how empathy can be a neutral characteristic instead of being solely positive, like many of us think. Myself included. I salute empathy since it's not easy to put oneself in another's shoe. Now that I'm a bit older experienced, I realized that the article has a point. Empathy can also work with giving yourself secondary stress since "the other person's shoe" can be stressful.

You can read the other factors, more or less related to the first one, here.

I think this unique explanation just shows how social humans are. We not only depend on each other, but we affect one another unconsciously. This creates a responsibility for us to not only live for ourselves but ultimately, for a bigger purpose that is beyond ourselves. Everyday, try to be the influencer, the one with the good vibes. Fight for the good side of empathy and it will reward you right back.

Good or bad, that's fascinating, don't you think? What are your thoughts about stress showcased this way? Leave your comments below. :)

After reading the article, you might want to see a few tips how to avoid second hand stress. Here, then. You're welcome. ;)

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