Wednesday, June 4, 2014


After doing a walkathon inside the Mind Museum, we were starving. Mom and I went to our favorite food joint in The Fort, the healthy resto "Slice". Dad met us there for our well-earned merienda.

"A slice of the good life"--their tagline and a true testament to what they offer. I appreciate that they have started and maintained a site of their own. I love it when restos keep up with the times. So from their site: Slice, a brainchild of mom, triathlete, Senator and now, entrepreneur, Pia S. Cayetano, is the product of her “imagination, dreams, travels, food cravings and desire to share her passion for healthy eating albeit with the occasional indulgences.”

Entering the resto, you'll be greeted with a minimalistic yet colorful design that won't leave you bored. The food and the ambience has a homey vibe, something I hold important in visiting food places such as this. It's almost always full of people so it has an energetic pull on you to layback and smile.

Healthy muffins, available in several flavors.

Middle: Red Velvet (80 pesos for a piece of cupcake; 240 pesos for a whole cake)
Velvety and moist vibrant red cake with two kinds of rich cream cheese frosting.
Right: Double Choco Yema (70 pesos for a piece of cupcake; 240 pesos for a whole cake)
Dubbed as “Death by Choco Yema”, Slice signature yema between layers of moist chocolate cake then covered with sinfully decadent chocolate ganache.
I praise the heavens for their cupcakes! It's Slice's specialty. My personal favorite is their choco yema. Yema is mainly made of condensed milk and egg yolks. It's not too sweet yet every bite explodes in your mouth.

Rocky Road Specialty Coffee (130 pesos)
Playful mix of coffee, chocolate, chocolate chips, nuts and marshmallows.
This can be enjoyed either hot, cold or blended. Dad loves it hot, my whole family does. He was very happy with this. The coffee taste wasn't lost on all the chocolate--a good thing for coffee addicts.

Due Formaggio con Pesto Panini (150 pesos)
The pesto panini is to-die-for! I literally want to buy 7 of this to last me for a whole week. If that's too crazy, then maybe I'll just invest in a panini maker! :)

Aglio Olio (420 pesos)
Shrimp and salmon sauteed in garlic and extra virgin olive oil tossed in fresh gourmet aligue fettucini.
The Aglio Olio is their most impressive pasta dishes, for me anyway. They make their own noodles and you can just taste that it's not store brought. The ingredients are as fresh as they can be. I always add tons a dash of Tabasco hot sauce on my pasta (for spicy food lovers out there).

Left: Kalemonade Juice (150 pesos)
A Slice twist on a classic quencher, lemonade, kamote infused lemonade.
Right: Luscious Lychee Taho Slushee (150 pesos)
They really got it right with these drinks. Kalemonade tastes like a diluted raspberry drink. Diluted in a good sense, not in a tastes-like-water way. Luscious Lychee is a seasonal drink and it was a good thing we came when we did. It tastes like perfectly blended fruit with soy.

G/F Southeast block, Bonifacio High Street Central
7th Avenue corner 29th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

So, what's your comfort food?

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