Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Jamba Juice at work

I had a crush on Jamba Juice the day it was brought to us by people at work. It was my first time and it was glorious. I did love it, or maybe it's because I ordered the "safe" drink--Banana Berry. Which contains.. Yeah, you got it. Bananas and berries. Tried, tested and simple won this round.

On a side note: It contains tons of sugar so it's not advisable to drink it everyday. Even if it's all healthy-healthy-blahblah, it will add some lbs on you. Consider yourself warned. ;)

I guess the better part of this was we were able to go out from our cubicles and have some sunlight even for just a little while. My colleagues and I work long hours in front of a computer and little joys like this (or sometimes it's milk tea or overpriced coffee) makes a huge difference on our days.

It was just so hard to focus back to working after having some fruity lovin' but all's good, just a few hours before the end of our shift.

What did you do for fun today? :)

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