Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mr Jones

As I learn to become more mature and independent, I always look back and become grateful that I have such a caring and supportive family. I appreciate them more now that I don't get to spend so much time with them anymore. So it's always a good surprise to discover old photos like this one from Mr Jones.

Sundays are the best. As much as possible, I stay at home with my family or we try to visit new restaurants. The only important thing for us is that the resto should have fries. Without it, life is nothing for my mom. She loves having it even if we're in a Japanese place. Good thing Mr Jones at Greenbelt has awesome fries.. and more. =)

Mr Jones is a contemporary diner inspired by the 1960's era. It's the newest Raintree restaurant that offers authentic American cuisine. Need your burger fix? Greenbelt 5 is the place to be! It retained the iconic patterns and bright colors of the 60's but with a subtle modern twist.

The place can get a bit warm since the right wall is just a huge mirror so it doesn't block off the sun or its warmth. There are a couple of toys and board games outside (in the al fresco area) that are available for the little dudes as they wait for their meals.

This is my favorite mac and cheese so far in my 23 years. From the moment it was laid down in the table, you can just smell the cheese still melting. It's the first thing I grab spoonfuls of. I usually add several drops of Tabasco hot sauce before placing a generous forkful in my mouth. Wow. The noodles were soft and light, wrapped with the various kinds of cheese that explodes in your mouth when you chew. You honestly won't need the green peas and bits of bacon. The cheesy pasta is a meal in itself.

Just wash it down with freshly squeezed lemonade (Pp195.00), that's all you'll ever need.

Wicked Truffled Mac n’ Cheese (Php 395.00)
I like fries that's mixed with something else. It makes the ordinary extraordinary. The truffle disco beef, gravy and cheese fries does the trick for me. The mixture was uniquely placed inside a small bucket and everytime you put your hand inside, there's a surprise on what you'll get (either a small slice of potato, a big KFC-sized fry, or a tiny piece of beef).

My brother ordered the overly sweet Hapa Howly milkshake. I'm not into it so much but I have to say it really is creamy. They give you a small glass for the leftover milkshake that didn't fit in the glass.
LEFT: Hapa Howly (Php275.00)
RIGHT: Truffle Disco Beef Gravy and Cheese Fries (Php395.00)
Dad ordered Uncle Andy's Cheesesteak. I wasn't able to taste this since he inhaled it quickly while I did my own share of inhaling the mac n cheese. Hehehe.
Uncle Andy's Cheesesteak (Php365.00)

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