Saturday, September 6, 2014

Treat Yourself Saturday

Having self-time is a priority for me. Even if someone has a great relationship with family and friends, a woman needs to have some moments to herself. Go for a walk, have some merienda on a cafe, bring a new read along with you, go window shopping.. Anything to get those creative juices flowing.

I had time for myself a couple of days ago at Chez Karine. It's a relatively new and coming bakery over at Serendra. While having a latte, I opted to try out their macarons (dark chocolate is the best for me!) and it made my afternoon. I walked around the area and visited Fully Booked, reserved a few books that were out of stock. I slowed down my pace with a bit of effort. I'm always moving too quick that simple pleasures pass me by. See how a few hours for oneself is essential for sanity. :)

  • I'm an introvert. According to new studies, introverts get energized either when their on their own or when they are doing things with just a friend. Sometimes I imagine the future. Having my own home + inviting a couple of friends over + making kwento for hours. I need to have a way to set up a snack bar that is both yummy + effortlessly pretty to look at. This bagel bar setup is one of my inspirations.
  • Awesome travel instagrammers that will make you hop on a bus and go somewhere new!
  • If there's a brand that I'll splurge on, it's Kate Spade. I know I'm not the only one! I especially love the array of bright colors they have--from shoes, to pouches, to bags.
  • It's the weekend and it's the perfect time to go out and enjoy the places you don't normally visit on weekdays. Do so in style by  giving new life to your outfit staples by these simple tips.
  • Writing has been a silent guilty pleasure for me. The slow outflow of energy from my mind to my fingertips relaxes me and gives me a sense of satisfaction. It's always a treat to read a few tips about simple grammar rules here and there.

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  1. Found your blog as you left a comment on mine a while ago, sorry for late reply, i took a blogging break. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog, they were very kind.
    Anyway i'm glad to have found your blog as it is a lovely read. I'm going to follow so i can carry on reading later with a tea and so i don't miss new posts.



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