Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Natural hues

Why do I love this room?

1. The walls seem like a blank slate and it lets the various colorful pieces speak for the personality + lifestyle of the people who stay there.

2. The bed is a bit on the low side, which I love. This encourages a deeper comfort level since I find high beds too formal. This bed is perfect for lounging and playing around without ruining the beddings (yes, I care about that). You can also use the space below the bed for storage.

3. The room is well lit. This design is feasible for small spaces as well. The part of the room not in the picture can be the area for storage + a vanity desk maybe.

4. It's like a vacation home. Your house do not need to look like a storage area or be cluttered with too much stuff you collected over the years. Make it breathe-able. To personalize the design above, move the crib and place a work desk in front of the window instead. It will be a nice space for inspiration since you can see nature outside.

5. It has a lot of potential to be more.. It has so much space for you to do more: crafts + yoga + workouts. It's an area to be "more".


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